Life Jacket

Life Jacket

Production Credits:

Director: Faten Alfaraj

Film Length:

70 minutes


A short time of discussion will follow.


Giving voice to the refugees of Moria — a camp in Greece described as “worse than living in a war zone” —  this informative documentary from non-profit organization Teach Beyond offers first-hand accounts of tragedy, providing an up-close examination of an ongoing and growing global crisis. Director Faten Alfaraj is honest in presenting both the harrowing journey of escaping war and other disasters as well as the dire circumstances of those who continue to live displaced, and yet, her film is not without hope — through interviews with both refugees and aid workers she explores the role education can play in healing and empowerment. 

Show Times:

  • February 27 10:30 am

    Screening duration:

    120 minutes



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