Our workshops are designed to help you grow as an artist and in appreciation of the God who is the author of truth, beauty and goodness. 

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On Collaboration — The Synergy (or Tension) of Art and Utility

Description: How can we create work that appeals to the imaginations of artist and audience, while also meeting the practical goals — teaching, training, informing, promoting — of a ministry or organization? In this constructive dialogue we’ll consider why “art” and “utility” often feel like competitors, and how we can see past the dichotomy to produce beautiful, purposeful work together.

Panel Members: Eric Davis, Randy Watson, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Jonathan Collins (Read Bios)

Film Making in Global Context

Description: As 2020 showed us, it’s now easier than ever to communicate and collaborate online, opening up new, global opportunities for creative people. And yet, place, and the novel point of view each provides, still matters. Good storytelling relies on generous, curious dialogue about the similarities and differences in our various contexts. This workshop brings together filmmakers from the Netherlands, South Africa, and Korea to speak to the creative cultures, resources, Christian engagement and stories of their respective communities they want to tell at home and around the world.

Panel Members: Sang-cheol Kim (김상철), Marie Lavis, David Ferreira (Read Bios)


Holy Laughter?!

Description: An entertaining and substantive conversation about comedy, in which someone invariably slips on a banana. But seriously, folks, this conversation engages both comedy filmmakers and the audience on questions that may seem frivolous, yet are at the centre of our collective cultural angst: Is it okay to make films that laugh at ourselves, our faith communities, or closely held beliefs? What is the heart of comedy, and can comedy be good for our hearts? And even, how is engaging with comedy important for us to take our faith seriously?

Panel Members: Emily Reach White, Chris White, Mike Wildt (Read Bios)

Generative Christian Witness in Exile

Description: Faithful practice in adverse contexts is a challenge as old as the land outside Eden, and a recurring theme in the long story of God’s people. How should filmmakers of faith see and face that challenge in today’s mainstream creative industries? A panel of respected experts on film production, Christian vocation, storytelling, and cultural engagement bring us into the thoughts, convictions and practices that shape their lives and work in creating icons of truth, goodness and beauty amidst competing values.

Panelists: Mark Joseph, Steve Garber, Mike Wildt (Read Bios)