Special Project Proposals


For many years we have had a tradition of giving conference attendees an opportunity to participate in a “hands on” project at the Missions Fest conference—now called Mission Central SERVE. These projects involve collecting items in kits to meet needs in various groups of people. Examples of past projects include health kits, school kits, refugee kits and camp kits.

2020 Special Project
2020 Special Project

Opportunity for your agency

If this is of interest to your agency, we would like your proposal. Email Varya (Agency Collaboration Manager) a description of your proposed project, listing specific descriptions of the items to be collected, including size and quantity of each item. Proposal due date: July 31, 2022.

The number of items could be from 8 to 12 with a total value of $25–$35. Specify the type of container it should be submitted in, e.g. a drawstring bag or shoebox. Kits may be specifically for children or adults.


  • Mission Central will advertise this project in the lead up to the SERVE conference. 
  • The public will be asked to bring the kits to SERVE. 
  • Your team will collect kits during the conference weekend. On the Sunday afternoon at approximately 3 PM your agency needs to be ready with a truck and people to load the kits and move them to your own storage facility for distribution from there. The cost of collection and distribution of the kits belongs to your organization.


2015 Special Project
2015 Special Project


Mission Central will include a one-page ad in the SERVE magazine with the details of the project, including who is sponsoring the project. Mission Central can create the advertising, or if you wish, we can provide the SERVE logo to you so you can create an ad. Photos and logos need to be a high resolution in PNG format. Ads need to include a Facebook, Instagram, and magazine dimension.


The organization must be represented at a booth in the exhibition hall throughout the weekend. To register your organization and to purchase a booth please email agencies@missioncentral.ca.

Report after the conference

One week after the conference, Mission Central requires the collecting agency to report on the number of kits collected. Photos and a final report on the distribution would also be appreciated.

Due Date

July 31st is the due date for your organization's proposal to be submitted to Varya (agencies@missioncentral.ca) at the Mission Central office.

Call us at 604-524-9944 or email if you have any further questions.