Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Exhibitor?
An Exhibitor at the Mission Central Conference SERVE is an agency or parachurch organization that seeks to promote and inform attendees about their ministry or Christian work. Exhibitors do so by registering for a booth.

How will the Mission Central Conference SERVE be conducted during COVID?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Mission Central Conference SERVE has pivoted to a virtual conference. To accommodate the in-person interaction desired by Exhibitors, Mission Central has contracted Pathable as its virtual event platform provider.

What elements are included with being a virtual exhibitor?
By registering as a virtual exhibitor, each agency will receive a “virtual booth”, private networking room and display of their logo with weblink on the Exhibitor conference page according to tier.

What is an Exhibitor Tier?
For the 2021 Mission Central Conference SERVE, agencies or parachurch organizations may register at four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To view the benefits of each tier, visit  Agencies have the option to choose the tier that meet their needs and budget.

What is a Sponsor?
Sponsorship at the Mission Central Conference is open to missions agencies, parachurch ministries or businesses who support missions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Mission Central Conference has pivoted to a virtual conference. Each Sponsor will receive logo placement on the CREATE, GROW or SERVE Sponsor page as well as high-traffic webpages according to the sponsorship level purchased.

How will the conference be promoted?
As the Mission Central Conference SERVE has pivoted to a virtual conference, we anticipate that it will attract regional, national, and international audiences. Promotion will be through print, digital, and social media platforms to our network of partner churches and agencies. We also encourage all Sponsors and Exhibitors to market the conference within their own communities and networks.

How many virtual attendees are expected?
At the 2020 in-person conference, Mission Central attracted over 9,000 attendees, while our online presence registered 14,000+ hits. We anticipate a minimum of 3,000 virtual participants. To further incentivize our attendees to participate in the conference and activities, Mission Central is exploring “gamification”. This is the integration of gaming principles with activities to earn points which lead to a reward or benefit to the attendee.

How do attendees participate in the conference?
As per our tradition, the Mission Central Conference SERVE will be free, although a $20 donation will be recommended. Each participant will have to register in order to access the conference. Once registered, they will be able to access General Sessions, take in Seminars, or visit Exhibitors virtual booths.

When do Exhibitors gain access to their virtual booth and how easy is it to setup?
Our estimated timeline for the launch of our conference website to be launched is October. Prior to the launch, an administrator account will be sent to registered exhibitors. With this account, agencies will be able to setup their virtual booth by uploading their logo, videos, promotional material, description and adding staff/volunteer profiles. We will have tutorial videos available to assist you with uploading content to you virtual booth.

How do exhibitors engage with participants in real-time?
Pathable has integrated Zoom with their platform to allow for real-time interaction between exhibitor and participants. When a participant enters the virtual booth, they will have the capability to launch a conversation with the exhibitor. Mission Central has scheduled 7 drop-in times to facilitate this interaction. Outside of the drop-in times, participants will be able to schedule a meeting with one of your agency staff or volunteers.

How many people will agencies require to be at the virtual booth?
Exhibitors may setup as many users as they would like, although the recommendation is 2-6. Having an adequate number of representatives will ensure that multiple conversations may happen simultaneously.

How do agencies gain access to attendee information who visit their virtual booth?
When visiting an Exhibitor booth, attendee information will be stored in a Lead list, accessible for download after the event. Due to Canadian privacy laws, attendees have the option to opt out of sharing their personal information during the registration process. Should an attendee choose to opt out, their contact information will not appear on Lead lists. 

What security measures will be undertaken to protect exhibitors during the online conference?
As this is a public event, participants may register from any region, country or continent. We strongly encourage exhibitors who are concerned about the safety of staff or type of work overseas, to upload information they are comfortable sharing publicly that does not put the agency nor staff at risk.