Why Partner with Mission Central?

  1. SERVE is one of the few places in Canada where agencies, church leaders and Christians of every age and walk of life gather around Christ’s mission. From that perspective, it is one of the largest visible demonstrations of the unity of the body of Christ in the nation. Our unity and generous collaboration have a missional impact on the world around us. Does your team want to contribute to and be a part of that?
  2. The underlying heart of gathering is that we want to see Jesus glorified throughout the whole earth by following him on his mission. The reality though, is more complex. People will come to SERVE because some facet of the conference: maybe a speaker, an agency, a topic, or a friend, has raised their curiosity. It is our job, as mission insiders, to listen to what the Holy Spirit is doing in them so that we can help them to take their place in Christ’s mission. This is an act of discipleship, whether it benefits a particular agency or not. Does your team share our interest in growing missional disciples?
  3. SERVE is an effective way to communicate your agency’s mission to the broad Christian community and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.  Is your team looking to inspire the next generation of missional leaders?