Mission Central exists because missional churches unite for the sake of Christ’s mission.

Metro Vancouver is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Churches face missional challenges every day in our cities, not to mention the challenges you may face if your community also has a heart for long- or short-term global mission.

At Mission Central, we believe in the Church as God’s plan to bring healing and restoration to this world.  The work of Mission Central is similar to that of a bee, that cross-pollinates to increase diversity and to sustain productivity in the Kingdom crops. During the annual conference and throughout the year we create spaces for like minded individuals and organizations to meet and to collaborate with each other to further God’s purposes locally and globally. Through their year-round engagement in prayer, volunteers, finances, and participation in different initiatives all partner churches embody the vision of Church unity for the sake of Christ’s Mission.  This is not easy work, but it is very fulfilling as it brings great joy to see Jesus’ prayer for unity being fulfilled. Share this brochure...

Mission Central has resources to help church leaders in their work of mobilizing missional disciples.

Churches engage Mission Central corporately in 2 ways: as a “Partner Church” or as a “Supporting Church”.