Volunteer Opportunities

Note: Currently we do not have any online volunteer opportunities. All of our volunteer opportunities are in-person, on-location roles.

​A/V Technical Assistants

  • Jobs Include: Camera operator, video switcher, ProPresenter operator, editing & duplicating media content. 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Working knowledge and experience necessary for most of these jobs

A/V Sales

  • Position involves: Counter sales for conference media content (audio and/or video recordings)
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Customer service, product knowledge, use of cash register

Bag Check & Coat Check

  • Position involves: Storage service for bags and coats
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Customer service, organization, dependability

Events (Through Year)

  • Position involves: Ticket taker; host/usher, food and beverage help
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Ability to work in a team, food and beverage prep
  • Sample Events: Fundraiser, Mission Pastors Roundtable, Seminars

Film Festival

  • Position involves: Ticket taker, host/usher 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Interpersonal communication, coordination

Move-in/Move-out Crew

  • Position involves: Moving equipment and supplies -- pre-conference and post-conference 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Conduct work with proper safety measures, lifting loads up to 50 lbs

Office (Through Year)

  • Position involves: Office tasks such as envelope stuffing, flag rolling, name-tag cleaning and stuffing
  • Knowledge, Skill & Abilibty: Willing hands

On-Site Office

  • Position involves: Administrative support to staff 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Computer skills, organization, written/verbal communication, problem-solving ability


  • Position involves: Logistical, safety, and security, including radio communication and interaction with the public 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Event planning, time management, organization, interpersonal communication, problem-solving ability, experience with radios


  • Position involves: Creative and technical skills to capture event highlights, editing photos
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Working knowledge and experience necessary, ability to use own equipment, time management

Prayer Team Member

  • Position involves: Intercessory prayer, in-room host 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Interpersonal communication, listening skills 

Publicity & Social Media

  • Position involves: Promotional coverage during the conference using Missions Fest social media platforms 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Creative & strategic planning, attention to detail, time management

Registration Team

  • Positions involve: Registering conference attendees
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Interpersonal and computer skills, Handling money and making change.

School Field Trip

  • Positions Involve: Administrative assistance at field trip registration tables 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Organization, written/verbal communication

Shuttle Driver

  • Position involves: Shuttle service between event venue and parking 
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Class 4 license and driver’s abstract required

Ticket Sales

  • Position involves: Ticket sales booth attendant
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Cash handling, use of debit/credit terminals, customer service


  • Position involves: Door greeter, assist with seating people, crowd control, offering collection
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Interpersonal communication, coordination, problem-solving ability

Welcome Desk

  • Position involves: First point of contact for conference attendees, greeting and welcoming
  • Knowledge, Skill & Ability: Interpersonal communication