Jonathan Mitchell

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“Jonathan Mitchell is a man of steel in the eyes of the Father, a real superhero for so many young people and youth pastors. It sounds funny, but the ‘S’ on his chest is the Spirit. His heart to see people walk with a person in discipleship is contagious. When he walks in a room, you can feel the smile of the Holy Spirit, and you want to change your life instantly to be more like Jesus. Jonathan has given his life to the next generation and has truly practiced what He preaches. When I met with him for the first time about Mission Fest, He didn't want another ‘event’—He wanted troops on the ground stepping on scorpions and leading their friends to follow Jesus in their everyday lives. The enemy hates how careful and courageous Jonathan is, and as you bring youth to the 604 Network Youth Rally on Friday to worship Jesus and hear the call from Jonathan, you will know that our future is still in Jesus’ hands. Jonathan Mitchell is married to Stephanie and they reside in Vancouver, BC.”

(written by James Bonney, Mission Central)