Matt Menzel

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“Matt is a man after God’s own heart; a man whose hunger for Jesus burns like a fire that warms everyone and scares hell. He is the most consistent friend I have ever had. He doesn’t waste words or take His calling lightly. He is an example to every missionary and pastor of someone who walks in the fellowship of the suffering of our Jesus; a living Paul. He walks with Jesus so closely that you can feel the very honour of heaven on Him when he speaks. Matt’s affection for the scriptures and the power of God is contagious and wonderful. He hears God in ways most don’t, in longing and stillness. His passion to give his life and ministry to others is evident in the fact that he does. The space of Mission Fest Vancouver 2024 was given to us without charge, fully because of his leadership team at Westside Church. He’s the kind of person who can make you laugh and that you would invite to any dinner party, just like Jesus. He and his wife Melissa are passionate about calling and equipping Jesus’ people to ‘Make Him Known’ through the ordinary, Spirit-empowered rhythms of following Jesus in everyday life. Matt and Melissa reside in Vancouver, BC.”

(written by James Bonney, Mission Central)