"Trail Mix": Interest-Based Conversations

Do you ever wish you could find a bunch of people who share your interests and passions? "Trail Mix" is an opportunity for people with similar interests and passions to gather at SERVE. 

What should you expect? 

When you pop-into the video room there will be a host who might facilitate introductions and have some questions. This is not a teaching time. If there is no active conversation you may want to introduce yourself and your interest in the topic. 

If folks are chatting feel welcome to chime-in. 

If you're happy listening in, then you may want to add comments to the chat.

What happens if you miss your topic?

If you miss the scheduled time for your topic you can go back to the room and review the conversations in the chat box. If something somebody says catches your eye you can look them up and request an appointment.

We have ten broad conversation categories. 

Saturday's Trail Mix Topic Schedule
  • TimeDescription
  • 11:00 amGoing Global
  • 11:00 amJustice (Environmental)
  • 11:00 amRelief and Development
  • 3:30 pmBusiness and Technology
  • 3:30 pmGospel Proclamation
  • 3:30 pmPreparing for and supporting mission
Sunday's Trail Mix Topic Schedule
  • TimeDescription
  • 12:00 pmDisciple-Making
  • 12:00 pmJustice (Social)
  • 12:00 pmLocal Mission and Church Planting
  • 12:00 pmMission and the Arts
PDF file iconTrail Mix Session Descriptions (pdf, 99.08 KB)