5Q: Reactivating the Original Intelligence and Capacities of the Body of Christ


Saturday at 4:30pm


Level 2, Webinar Room K


Alan Hirsch


Forge International

Seminar Description:

In this workshop, Alan will make a case for the importance of the Ephesians 4 typology of ministry (apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, teacher) and why it is critical in the recovery of a missional understanding and experience of the church.

Speaker's Biography:

Alan Hirsch is widely considered to be a global thought-leader on missional movements and leadership. He has worked with churches and organisations across the world, but mainly in North America, Europe, and Australia. Alan is the founder of 100 Movements, Forge Mission Training Network, Future Travellers, and now 5Q Collective.  All these organisations focus on pioneering leadership development and training, and consulting on the church as missional movement. His experience includes leading a local church movement among the marginalised, developing training systems for innovative missional leadership, and heading up the mission and revitalisation work of his denomination.