Disciple Making Movements Starting in my Home?


Sunday at 12:00pm


Level 2, Webinar Room E


Jonathan Luesink, Ron Fairbanks, Tyler Hanlon


Great Commission Co-op

Seminar Description:

Disciple making movements are real. They are taking place in all but the last frontier:- affluent, post-Christian societies like ours. What could we spark from our own living room? Global catalyzers and Canadian practitioners share how to get ready for a changed world - zume.training & DBSguide.org

Speakers' Biographies:

The Great Commission Co-op is a collaboration of 11 agencies focused on reaching the unreached cross-culturally. Jon Luesink of Avant Ministries will interview Curtis Sergeant (catalytic leader of multiple movements, founder of zume.training) & facilitate an interagency panel of practitioners.