Engaging the Unreached: Pursuing Deeper Involvement in the Unfinished Task of Reaching God's World


Saturday at 1:00pm


Level 2, Webinar Room L


Howard Moore, John Paetkau


SEND International

Seminar Description:

7.7B people are unreached by the Gospel. Learn about unreached peoples and the ways that you can become more purposefully involved— locally and globally—in God's plan to receive glory and honor from every nation, tribe, people and language. Learn, Pray, Go, Send, Give, and Mobilize!

Speakers' Biographies:

Howard served for many years as a missionary in France; and as CEO of GEM in Canada. He currently oversees GEM mobilization in western Canada. John P served for many years as a missionary in eastern Ukraine, and now serves as a mobilizer in western Canada with SEND.