Grey and Greens as Missionary Disciples in the Present Isolation Crisis


Sunday at 2:00pm


Level 2, Webinar Room F


Matt Kitchener, Claudia Rossetto


Baptist Housing Ministries Society

Seminar Description:

Mobilizing older and younger disciples to be more intentional in their discipleship to Jesus and to discover together what it means to be God's people (His Church) during these times of isolation. We serve a missionary and communal God. How can we bear his image during these difficult times?

Speakers' Biographies:

Matt and Claudia are chaplains at two Baptist Housing senior residences. Matt has been an MK in Brazil, and a pastor in Western Canada for 20 years. He is part of . Claudia is from Bolivia. She was a community facilitator at Missions Fest Vancouver for 16 years and an instructor of Evangelism.