Identifying/Entering Communities where Christ is Least Known Through a New View of Data


Saturday at 1:00pm


Level 2, Webinar Room K


Joseph Bogunjoko



Seminar Description:

We will examine a partnership around the use of data between SIM and CSGC that is facilitating the identification, development of ministry strategy, and entrance into communities where Christ is least known.

Speaker's Biography:

Dr. Joshua Bogunjoko brings two decades of leadership and mission experience to his role as the first African leader of SIM, a large missions organisation serving in 80 countries. He is also a family physician with years of experience in surgery. He holds a Masters in Leadership and Management from Briercrest College, Saskatchewan. Sent by their church in Nigeria, Joshua and his wife, Joanna, also a medical doctor, were among the first missionaries sent outside of Nigeria by the Evangelical Mission Society. They joined SIM in 1995.