Far East Deep South

Far East Deep South

Production Credits:

Director: Larissa Lam, Producer: Baldwin Chiu

Film Length:

77 minutes


A short time of discussion will follow.


Canadian Premiere! 

FAR EAST DEEP SOUTH is an award-winning feature documentary produced by Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu, a husband-wife music and filmmaking team based in Los Angeles, CA. The film is based off the award-winning short film, Finding Cleveland. The film presents a very personal and unique perspective on immigration, race and American identity. The film was written and directed by Larissa Lam. It was edited by Dwight Buhler with music by world renown composer, Nathan Wang.

The film is told in a cinéma vérité style and also features interviews with notable leaders such as Congresswoman Judy Chu, former Mayor of Pace, MS, Levon Jackson, Chinese American Citizens Alliance Past President, Carolyn Chan and historians like Gordon Chang (Stanford History Department and author of The Chinese and the Iron Road), John Jung (author of Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton) and Jane Hong (author of Opening the Gates to Asia).

Far East Deep South has won multiple awards at film festivals, including at Cinequest, CAAMFest, Oxford Film Festival and Seattle Asian American Film Festival.

(Note:Time is incorrect in SERVE magazine. Should be 8:45 PM start)

Show Times:

  • January 27 8:45 pm

    Screening duration:

    105 minutes


    Level 2, Room 11