Lock the Gate

Lock the Gate

Production Credits:

Director: Sarah Lynn Galasso; Producer: Sarah Lynn Galasso, National Endowment for the Humanities Innovation Grant, College of Arts & Sciences, Canisius College

Film Length:

7 minutes


After a routine sonogram at Sisters Hospital in Buffalo, New York, Sarah was rushed in to emergency surgery. After seven weeks and many challenges, her daughter, Lila Kate, was born 3.5 months early, and with an e-coli infection. Because she was so frail and only weighed 2lb, doctors were not sure she would make it through the night. She not only made it through the night, but also survived the next 11 weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit. On the day she was scheduled to come home, the city was hit with the October “Surprise” Storm, with the earliest recorded snowfall in the history of the city. This short, 2D animation, is an expression of the true events that happened during that time.

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