Agency Mapping Form

The purpose of this mapping form is to collect information about your agency, so that we can provide the best possible "Agency Navigator" tool on the website. Website and conference visitors will be able to filter the list of exhibiting agencies using the following categories, to find agencies whose activities match their interests, or to discover new interests!

Helpful Guidelines:

  • Choose one or more of the options that best describe your agency, not as many options as possible.
  • If you don't see an option that "fits" your agency, try thinking creatively... maybe another category has the right option, instead!
    • Example: An agency's primary activities are youth outreach, but there are no options in the Ministry Activities category related to youth ministry. 
    • Solution: The agency chooses the "Youth" option in the People Groups Served category, and chooses "Discipleship / Mentoring / Coaching" and "Evangelism" in the Ministry Activities category.
  • If you're really stuck about what to choose, email for advice.

How do I choose multiple options?

  • On Windows: press and hold the "CTRL" (control) key on your keyboard while clicking the desired options.
  • On Mac: press and hold the "⌘" (command) key on your keyboard while clicking the desired options.
  • If you accidentally selected an option you don't want, click the option again.
Please complete all questions!

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