Mission Talks

Agencies who have exhibited at past Mission Central conferences will be familiar with how Seminars have previously been organized. This year’s seminars will be organized differently, and will be directly related to the General Sessions and led by those speakers.

Mission Central still wants to provide opportunities for agencies to share at Mission Fest Vancouver 2024, however! One of the ways you will be invited to share what’s on your heart and the ways people can be connected to the mission you represent is through Mission Talks.

Mission Talks are 15-minute presentations that will take place in the main auditorium each day between 12:30 and 2:00pm, and the details of who is sharing at what times will be included in the conference schedule.

There are 12 slots available.

How to Apply

Submit the following form with information about your proposed Mission Talk. Please provide as much detail as you are able, to allow the Mission Central Board to give due consideration to your application.

Note: only agencies who are also accepted as exhibitors will be considered for Mission Talks.

Mission Talk applications are closed