Policies, Terms & Conditions for Exhibiting at Mission Fest Vancouver 2024

Mission Central’s purpose for inviting exhibitors is to provide conference participants with as many opportunities as possible to discover and connect with organizations, learn about the many ways God is at work in the world, and learn how they can also participate in Jesus’ mission.

The primary reason for organizations to exhibit at Mission Fest Vancouver is to meet the public, to demonstrate the unity in Christ’s mission, to glorify Jesus, to provide information about your organization, and to assist those who are search for their place in Jesus’ mission.

Mission Fest Vancouver is not a trade show. Its purpose is not to sell products, but rather to inform, encourage, and challenge people to participate in Jesus’ mission. The use of the exhibiting space must conform to this purpose.

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are considered part of the Exhibitor Registration, and registering constitutes the exhibiting organization’s agreement.

Section A — Eligibility

  1. To be considered eligible, an exhibiting organization:
    1. Must be fall into one of the following categories:
      • A government registered charity / not-for-profit organization
      • A ministry of a local church
      • A missions-supporting commercial business
    2. Must agree with and be willing to sign Mission Central’s Statement of Faith
    3. Must read Mission Central’s “Our Culture” statement
    4. Must submit clear and accurate statements of purpose and impact which describe how Jesus’ mission is furthered through the work of the organization
    5. Must have leadership whose conduct is above reproach morally, ethically, and financially
    6. Must be an organization which has demonstrated financial accountability and is in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or equivalent international agency
  2. Organizations that have not previously exhibited at a Mission Central conference (Missions Fest Vancouver or Mission Central SERVE) must first apply online, and be approved, before submitting an Exhibitor Registration.

Section B — Registration, Selection, Cancellation

  1. Exhibitor Registrations will be considered upon receipt of the registration form, duly completed, and upon receipt (or indication thereof) payment of the registration amount.
  2. Exhibitor Registrations received after December 8, 2023, will be considered if there are still available Exhibitor Spaces.
  3. Payments may be made in these ways:
    • at the time of registration by credit card through the online registration form
    • by submitting an e-transfer to office@missioncentral.ca
    • by sending a cheque by mail to Mission Central
  4. Mission Central reserves the right to exercise its complete discretion regarding the number of exhibitors, the number of exhibitor spaces, and the configuration, combination, and layout of the Exhibitor Area(s).
  5. Due to space constraints, Mission Central cannot guarantee that all Exhibitor Registrations can be accommodated. We will prayerfully consider all registrations and select those that we believe God chooses for this year’s conference.
  6. Mission Central reserves the right to refuse any Exhibitor Registration, to impose conditions on any Registration, or to cancel any Registration for any reason with cause. Cause may include, but is not limited to:
    • the failure of the organization to comply with Mission Central’s Statement of Faith in principle or practice
    • the failure of the organization to cooperate with Mission Central’s Principles, Policies, and Practices
    • the failure of the organization to comply with conditions imposed at registration, if any
  7. If an Exhibitor Registration is not eligible, or is not selected for this year’s conference, the registration payment will be refunded in full in the same manner it was paid.
  8. Accepted registrants will be notified by email when Mission Central has made our selections for the conference. For Exhibitor Registrations received by December 8, accepted registrants can expect to be notified by email by December 15.
  9. Cancellation of any Exhibitor Registration shall be made in writing. Cancellations received after January 15, 2024, will not receive a refund for the registration payment.

Section C — Responsibility for Loss, Damage, Etc.

  1. Mission Central assumes no responsibility for loss or damage incurred due to the cancellation of any or all the Conference, or of its facilities, due to weather, fire, earthquake, strike, labour unrest, public health notice, or other unforeseen circumstances. In these events no refunds will be possible.
  2. Mission Central assumes no responsibility for loss or damage resulting from the cancellation or substitution of any or all the featured plenary speakers, seminar leaders, programs, or performers.
  3. Mission Central assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or death resulting from personal injury, theft, fire, or other natural disasters.
  4. Mission Central assumes no responsibility for theft of valuables from Exhibit Spaces and recommends that valuables are kept with Exhibitor representatives when the Exhibitor Area(s) are closed.

Section D — What is Provided

  1. The following will be available for each Exhibit Space:
    • one table, 6’ x 2’, with no skirting
  2. The following may be available for each Exhibit Space, subject to availability:
    • up to two unpadded chairs
    • wireless internet access
    • electricity access
  3. Not included are the following, which are the responsibility of the exhibitor:
    • insurance for personal injury, property loss, or damage
    • travel arrangements
    • accommodation arrangements
    • parking arrangements
    • storage and delivery of exhibit materials
    • additional furnishings (must fit within the space allotted to each Exhibit Space)

Section E — Use of the Exhibit Space and Acceptable Activity

  1. Exhibiting organizations must refrain from using “personal hotspots” for internet access in order to preserve internet access quality for all conference participants.
  2. More than one exhibiting organization may not share the same space without special approval. If you wish your Exhibit Space to be located near another specific organization, please send your request by email to office@missioncentral.ca. Mission Central will consider these requests but reserves the right to exercise its complete discretion.
  3. Exhibiting organizations must refrain from extending past their designated space to avoid infringing on neighbouring areas and aisle space. You will be asked to remove any portion of your display if it exceeds the allotted space.
  4. To maintain morale in the Exhibitor Area(s), and to ensure that all conference participants have as many opportunities as possible to discover and connect with organizations, learn about the many ways God is at work in the world, and learn how they can also participate in God’s mission, Exhibit Spaces must be set up by the beginning of the conference schedule, and may not be dismantled before the end of final period when the Exhibitor Area(s) are open. Any late arrivals or early departures may affect the exhibiting organization’s invitation to future conferences.
  5. The Exhibit Space is the ONLY PLACE where literature may be distributed. This literature must conform to your organization's Statement of Faith, which must be publicly accessible on your organization's website, or submitted to Mission Central at the time of application.
  6. Exhibiting organizations may only sell items with prior, direct permission from Mission Central, and only at their Exhibit Space. This policy includes materials such as books, resource manuals, and missions-related CDs or DVDs. Materials sold must be authored or published by the exhibiting organization. Handicrafts, artifacts, and other items sold must be directly connected to the organization’s mission. All exhibiting organizations may distribute free-of-charge CDs, DVDs, literature, and missions-related materials at their Exhibit Space.
  7. For the sake of fellow exhibiting organizations, no electronic audio may be played in the Exhibit Space. If individuals wish to hear a video being shown, we recommend providing headsets for viewers.
  8. Exhibiting organizations with charitable status may accept donations but may not solicit donations.