James Bonney

James Bonney profile photo


“James Bonney is the guy known for taking long walks with Jesus in the forest, and for saying ‘It’s got to be fun.’ He is one of the most passionate people I know who will do anything to spend as much time as he can with Jesus. It has led James into a life fully yielded to the Father’s voice. In the past two years, James’ friendship with Jesus has opened a new door into experiencing the power of God in ways he never imagined he would see in His lifetime. One of James’ favourite things in life is giving space for God to do whatever He wants. He believes that when Jesus is as present as we read in scripture, He longs to heal the sick, proclaim good news, and set captives free. James loves preaching the Bible and practicing a Kingdom lifestyle, inspiring people to journey towards a tangible friendship with Jesus. As the lead Engineer for Mission Fest Vancouver, James was inspired to pen our new mission statement: ‘inspiring disciples to co-labour with Christ everywhere He leads.’ James is married to Nikki and has four amazing kids and they live in Chilliwack, BC.”

(written by Steve Schroeder, Mission Central)