Meek (Episode 1)

Meek (Episode 1)

Production Credits:

Director/Producer: Jonathan Bryden

Film Length:

22 minutes


A short time of discussion will follow.


The church is facing a question that hasn't been handled well, and in the mishandling has caused deep pain, confusion and brokenness. The question is, "How does the church, in light of the Gospel, face homosexuality?" In this personal and artful pilot episode of an upcoming documentary series, filmmaker Jonathan Bryden uses his own journey to examine how the church has split into factions, with some saying that homosexuality is a sin and others saying it should be celebrated. More importantly, there are mothers, fathers, siblings and close friends in the church who’s loved-one has same-sex attractions and they don't know how to care for them. And there are those who love Jesus and want to follow him, but they face the reality that they themselves are same-sex attracted and don't know where they fit into the church. The series aims to grapple with how the Gospel of Christ really is good news, while open-handedly journeying with Jonathan in finding out how this can be so.

Show Times:

  • January 28 8:00 pm

    Screening duration:

    120 minutes


    Level 2, Room 11

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