Marguerite Bouchard

Epiphany Neighborhood Art Studios
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Marguerite Bouchard is a worshiper, artist, intercessor, wife, mother of four, and now art business owner.  She has also been a women's ministry leader, a prayer ministry team member, a prophecy school TA, a home-educator, kids ministry teacher, and prophetic painter. She is passionate about portraying the visual messages God gives. She feels honored that Jesus would want to co-create through his Spirit in her, and that he would inspire others to know more about God and encounter him in some way through seeing her art.

Celebrating God's Beauty everywhere is her delight, and even though there is endless source material all around in natural creation, her great pleasure is taking what's seen in the Spirit and bringing it especially to the canvas, but also even to the words, the notes, or the moves. Learning to see with the eyes of her heart has been her study--and become her precious practice--for 3+ decades ... just because "Jesus is worthy," worthy that she keep pure the screen of her imagination, worthy that he gets her full attention, and worthy of her whole-hearted yes. 

Marguerite has been a worshiper since age four and an artist since age 6, and her life, even from an early age, has been full of singing praises and creating visuals. Young life was marked by creativity, from school art and choral trophies, commissions for portraits and calligraphy, to vocal performances and art shows. Post-secondary tracks of specialization were still life, life drawing, fundamentals of design,  and deep dives into portraiture, watercolor, acrylics, and eventually oils. Prophetic painting during worship gatherings began by invitation 23 years ago and have largely been bright acrylics on big canvases, with various scenes of Jesus being the majority. Marguerite attended the 2017 School of Creativity conference in Redding, CA, another equipping, confirming, and strengthening bolster. Following a prophetic download of numerous paint image ideas and titles in 2019, Marguerite exhibited her first solo art show called Epiphany 2020: Life is Precious which was a glimpse into God's view of the plight of the unborn and families in distress, and was happily surprised by the response.

Marguerite Bouchard owns and directs the Langley, BC art school called Epiphany Neighborhood Art Studios that offers classical drawing and painting lessons to students of all ages, as of last summer when she bought the company. Jesus has planted his flag at the top of the Mountain of the Arts in this area and drew Marguerite into this endeavor last year as one way of joining him so that others could come, get tools, encounter his love, be inspired, and from that place of connection, create illuminated works of art.